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With the Afrosmartshop app you can browse Afrosmartshop, discover unique items, and make purchases on the go.

To manage your shop from your iPhone, you’ll need to download the Afrosmartshop for iOS app.

The Afrosmartshop app for iPhone is designed for iOS devices running iOS 10.3 and above.


Tapping Home will bring you to For you and Afrosmartshop Picks:

  • For you: Items and shops you may like, based on your favorites. This section also shows you items you’ve recently viewed and favorited.
  • Afrosmartshop Picks: Popular shops on Afrosmartshop, current trending items, and daily picks from our editors.


Here, you can view the items and shops that you have favorited.


These are alerts when an item you’ve favorited goes on sale, when a shop you’ve favorited is having a sale, and/or when a shop you’ve favorited added new items.


Tap You to get to your Profile, Messages, Notifications, Purchases & Reviews, and Settings. If you’re a seller, you’ll also see a button to switch to the Seller section.

  • Profile: Here, you can view and edit your public profile page. Tap Edit at the top right to upload a new profile picture, change your location or gender, add your birthday, or write your bio.
  • Notifications: This is Afrosmartshop’s messaging system. Send a message or see messages you’ve received from Staff or sellers.
  • Purchases & Reviews: This shows all your Afrosmartshop purchases. Here, you can leave reviews for the items you’ve purchased.
  • Settings: Manage your push notifications and privacy settings, manage your language and coins, view Legal information and sign out.


Type in a search for items, a shop, or sort through categories.


View items you’ve added to your cart so you can go ahead and purchase.

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