Submitting Suggestions to Afrosmartshop

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We always love hearing thoughts and ideas from our community. In fact, many of the features on the site today are a direct result of suggestions from buyers and sellers like you!

Information to include

If you’re submitting your thoughts about a part of the site, be as detailed as possible when explaining what you like or dislike.

When we know why something is making you happy or unhappy, we can use that information to develop Afrosmartshop more effectively.

Here are some examples of complete and incomplete submissions:


  • “I like the design changes you’ve made to this page. I frequently click these two buttons in succession, and now they’re closer together.”
  • “I don’t like this feature. I have to click through three more pages than before to get to the page I need.”
  • “I think you should put things back the way they were. I used this feature to do ____ in my shop, and now there’s no way I can do this easily. It’s a major part of my process!”


  • “This feature is awesome! Please keep doing stuff like this!”
  • “I hate this. It was fine the way it was before.”
  • “Why did you take away this feature? I used it every day!”

If you’re submitting an idea for something new, give us as much information to work with as you can, such as:

  • Why your idea would be good for the Afrosmartshop community
  • What problems it could solve

Responses from Afrosmartshop

Immediately after submitting your message, you’ll see a prompt confirming that it has been successfully received. Depending on how many submissions we get, we may not be able to respond to each one personally.

Has Afrosmartshop ever made changes to the site based on community input?

Yes! We often make changes based on what we hear from the community. Whether we’re testing a feature within a prototype team or showing an experiment to a small percentage of members, we closely monitor your reactions in the Forums and in emails to Afrosmartshop Support.

It’s important to point out that we won’t necessarily act on a suggestion exactly as it was proposed. When we review suggestions or ideas, we ask ourselves several questions:

  • What is the motivation behind this suggestion?
  • What is the main problem our community wants to solve?
  • Does this suggestion solve that problem in the best possible way?
  • Are there any alternative ways to solve the problem?

As Admin, we have access to a lot of data that our community can’t see. We use that data in conjunction with the questions above to act on an idea or suggestion in the best possible way.

Okay—I’m ready to submit my thoughts to Afrosmartshop!

Get in touch by clicking Contact support at the bottom of this page.

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