How to Search for Items and Shops on Afrosmartshop

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You can use the search bar at the top of to look for items or shops.

How to search for items

Enter descriptive terms in the search bar to start your search. For example: “kilichi,” or “manyanga.”
Search results are ordered by how relevant the items are to what you search for. You can change the order of your search results with the Sort by option above the search results.

Here are a few tips to help you search for items on Afrosmartshop:

Use multiple, descriptive terms in a search to narrow down the results. For example: “bitter kola” will return fewer, more specific results than just “kola.”
Use a minus sign (-) in front of a word to exclude that term from your search. For example: “soap -black” will exclude any soap tagged with “black.”
How to filter results
On the left side of every search results page, you’ll see a list of filters to narrow down your results by:

Category, like Home & Living or Art & Collectibles
Ordering options

How to search for shops
If you know the name of the shop, enter the exact shop name in the search bar. You’ll be brought directly to the shop. You can also use the shop search page.

Entering this web address in your browser’s address bar will also take you to a shop: Replace “shopname” with the actual shop’s name.

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