What is Afrosmartshop?

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Afrosmartshop connects people looking for unique goods with independent sellers in Africa. When you shop on Afrosmartshop is the global marketplace for products made in Africa. It’s home for organic, natural and unique handcrafted pieces right from commerce or artisans in Africa.

Who are Afrosmartshop sellers?

Each item on Afrosmartshop is listed and sold by a seller who creates handmade items or craft supply goods. When you shop on Afrosmartshop, you’re directly supporting independent sellers who manage their own orders and inventory.

Interested in becoming an Afrosmartshop seller? Learn how to start a shop.

How do I shop on Afrosmartshop?

Shopping on Afrosmartshop works the same as anywhere else online. However, you’re not only buying your items from Afrosmartshop, the company. Instead you’re buying directly from independent sellers.

If you have questions about an item or an order, you can contact the seller.

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