Frequently Asked Questions

Discount & Coupon codes 4 questions
  • Why can’t I redeem my discount code or voucher?

    This can have different causes:

    1. The discount code or voucher has already expired.
    2. Unfortunately, your voucher no longer has any credit.
    3. The discount code does not apply to the products in your shopping cart. The following are excluded: non-food, accessories, sets, gift items, advent calendars, third-party goods and items that have already been discounted.
    4. Perhaps the button “Redeem discount code” was not clicked?

    If you have any questions, please contact customer service by phone or email.

  • How can I redeem a discount or voucher?

    You can enter discount codes and vouchers in the shopping cart under “Redeem discount code”. Then activate the code by clicking on the >> Redeem discount code << button and you can use your discount or voucher.

    If you have multiple vouchers, please contact our customer service.

  • Why doesn’t my discount code reduce shipping costs?

    Discount codes only reduce the value of the goods.

    Our tip: From a shopping cart value of € 200, Delivery within Germany are free of charge!

  • Can I redeem multiple discount codes or vouchers at the same time?

    You can only enter one discount code per order. Unfortunately, discount codes cannot be combined. If you have multiple gift certificates to redeem, please contact our customer support at .

General 5 questions
  • How fast can I charge?

    Charging rate is primarily determined by what you’re plugged in to. A Tesla Supercharger charges up to 170 miles in just 30 minutes while the Tesla Wall Connector charges up to 58 miles per hour. For average charging rates of other options, check out the charging page on

    There are several other factors that affect charging rate: amount of power available from the charge source, extremely cold temperatures, and current state of charge (a nearly empty battery charges faster than a battery that is almost full).
  • Why is my Supercharger charging slowly?

    There are a few factors that affect charging rate at a Supercharger. First, charging your battery from 10% to 80% is quick while charging from 80% to 100% doubles the charge time because the car must reduce current to “top off.” Second, extremely low ambient temperatures and extreme battery pack temperatures lead to slower charging rates. Third, sharing a Supercharger (i.e. two cars plugged in to 1A and 1B) can slightly reduce the charging rate of one or both of the cars. For more information about Supercharger, visit the Supercharger page on

  • How can I find nearby charging locations?

    The most convenient way to find nearby Superchargers, Destination Chargers, and other locations you’ve charged at before is by using the Navigation App on the touchscreen (tap the lightning bolt icon). There are also a variety of 3rd party smartphone apps you can download to locate charging options near you.

  • Should I leave my Tesla plugged in while I’m on a trip?

    Tesla recommends keeping your car plugged in while you’re away on trips to ensure you return to a full battery. When not plugged in, the range slightly reduces each day.

  • What does Range Mode do?

    Range Mode saves power by automatically limiting the amount of power the climate control system uses to maintain the temperature of the battery and the interior cabin. You can turn on this setting by tapping Controls > Driving > Range Mode.

Orders 5 questions
  • Add an article to the order afterwards?

    As long as your order has not yet been processed in our system as paid, we can add a forgotten or additional item manually. If it has already been paid, unfortunately we cannot make this possible because we have automated processes.

  • Didn’t receive any email confirmation for your order?

    Maybe your email address was wrong or there were connection problems during the ordering process? It is also possible that the order confirmations ends up in your spam folder.

    Please have also a look into your spams folder and If you can’t find anything there, please contact our customer service at or via WhatsApp message.

  • Is there a minimum order value?

    No! You can order as you want. There is a no minimal amount for an order on Afrosmartshop.

  • How long do I have to return my order?

    The right of withdrawal applies to almost every order: You have the right to withdraw from this contract within 14 days without giving any reason. The cancellation period is fourteen days from the day on which you or a third party named by you who is not the carrier took possession of the last goods. In order to exercise your right of withdrawal, please send us an email as a guest or if you have an account you can request a return.

    The return is at your own expense.

    If your request has been accepted, please send us the products in its original back. Opened or damaged products will not be accepted or refunded.

  • Would you like to cancel your order?

    As long as the order has not yet been sent, anything is usually possible. Just give us a call/WhatsApp message with your Order ID on +49 7033 406 4037 or send us an email to

    If Afrosmartshop has already transferred your order to DHL, it is no longer possible to cancel the order.

Payment 3 questions
Shipping 6 questions
  • How can I change my delivery address?

    Unfortunately, this is no longer possible after completing the order online. If the package has not yet been sent, please call us and we will change your address manually.

  • How long will it take for my delivery to arrive?

    We always try to send your package as soon as possible. And we usually succeed too! But there are also times when an unexpectedly large number of orders come in. That is why we generally give a delivery time up to 5 working days.

    As soon as your package is on its way, you will be notified by email with your DHL Tracking ID.

  • Do you ship into foreign countries?

    Yes! We deliver worldwide*

  • How much are the shipping costs?

    You can find all information about shipping costs here.

    Our tip: From an order value of 200 euros, you order is free of charge within Germany!

  • Where is my order?

    As soon as your order has been sent, you will receive a tracking ID from Afrosmartshop in your shipping confirmation by email.

    You did not receive a tracking number or the package cannot be found? Feel free to contact us and we will help you in this case.

  • My order could not be delivered, what happens now? how do i get my order?

    Your delivery package will automatically be stored for 7 days in the nearest DHL or post office from your locality. For the pick-up, the DHL notification card and ID are required to pick up the package.

    After the deadline, the package will be sent back to us. Please check your contact details again, otherwise please give us the correct data at and your package will immediately leave our house a second time for a fee.

Technical 5 questions
  • My charging connector is stuck in the charge port. What do I do?

    Unlock the car before attempting to remove the connector. When your car is plugged in and locked, the connector locks into the charge port and the indicator light around the charge port turns off.

  • Why do my rated miles drop faster than mile for mile?

    Rated Range calculates your estimated range with a fixed formula based on existing energy in the battery and average energy consumed per mile. There are a few factors that could cause the rated miles to drop faster than mile for mile, i.e. driving style, wheel size, and ambient temperature.

  • How do I turn off my car?

    You can turn off the car either by simply putting the car in Park, exiting the vehicle, and closing the door behind you, or by tapping Controls > E-Brake & Power Off > Power Off.

  • How does Automatic Emergency Braking work?

    If your car is equipped with Autopilot hardware, Automatic Emergency Braking automatically applies full braking in situations where a collision is considered imminent by the forward looking camera and the radar sensor. It is the driver’s responsibility to drive safely and remain in control of the vehicle at all times. Never depend on Automatic Emergency Braking to avoid or reduce the impact of a collision. To cancel Automatic Emergency Braking while it is engaged, press on either the accelerator or the brake pedal.

  • How do I use Autopilot?

    To learn about driving with Autopilot, view the following instructional videos: Enhance your commute with Autopilot, Autopark, Autosteer, Auto Lane Change, and Summon. For thorough instructions, Tesla encourages all new owners to review the Driver Assistance section in the Owner’s Manual.

    Also, check this video:

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